by Doldrumer

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released October 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Doldrumer Portland, Maine

The solo work of Christopher Armstrong

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Track Name: dmvs and hornet stings
lots of little shitty things
like DMVs and hornet stings
wont keep me from the things I love
like tall green grass and dirty dreams
of lovers who live far away
in places where I wish Id stay
away from all the shitty things
like DMVs and hornet stings
Track Name: i want to chew massive amounts of bubble gum and float to your house (Vomit Girls cover)
I want to eat big league chew
and blow a bubble that leads to you
I want to hold hands with you
and talk about the things that we could do

You have some blue shorts on
and we're gonna go play some pokemon
I want to lay in the grass
and think about touching your ass
Track Name: gonna
I tell you I'm unhappy with the sound of my own voice
you say it sounds just lovely you say its your first choice
I think Ill write another testament to you
and I can only hope that you will see it through

I'm gonna fuck it up

I have a lot of friends that don't know what to say
if I was any different they'd probably feel okay
they probably feel the same but I'll probably never know
if I'm too scared to say it I guess I'll let it go

I'm gonna fuck it up

I have another mixtape I made it just for you
its got some songs that I like I hope you like them too
some of them have lyrics some have none at all
if you'd just like to hear me I hope that you would call

I'm gonna fuck it up